Поздравление с 20-летием Коинобори Додзё от Линды Холидэй, 6 Дан АЙКИКАЙ

Dear Marina Sensei,

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished during the last twenty years of Koinobori Dojo!  Holding the responsibility for an Aikido dojo is truly a labor of love.  Thank you for your love and dedication for Aikido, and for your constant work which has made Aikido possible for many other people in Moscow and other locations.  Wonderful!

I went to Aikido of San Jose today to co-teach a seminar with Jack Wada Sensei and two other instructors.  It was a lovely day of training and Aiki friendship.  When I talked with Sasha after class, he reminded me that your dojo is celebrating its 20 years of existence.  So I am thinking of you and sending you my respect and warm congratulations.

I also appreciate that you have been so visible and determined as a woman in leadership.  Your positive actions and role-modeling make a difference to all people.  As they say in Japanese, "Gambatte kudasai" - keep going, keep doing your best!

A year ago, my dojo celebrated 41 years of Aikido in Santa Cruz, and my personal anniversary of 40 years in Aikido.  We had a big seminar and dinner banquet, with people from many dojos gathering together.  Everyone was so happy.  Aikido is truly a source of joy.

My dojo is going well, despite all the economic stress in the United States.  In hard times, I think people appreciate Aikido more than ever.

This year I have been extremely busy finishing a book on Aikido, which is a collaboration with Anno Sensei (8th dan) from Shingu.  This book has been a labor of love too, taking many years, and I am almost done.  I imagine the book will be published in about a year.  I'll let you know when it comes out.

If you travel to California, please do come to visit and train at my dojo, Aikido of Santa Cruz.
Very best wishes to you and to all of your students!

Linda Holiday

Chief instructor, Aikido of Santa Cruz
California, USA

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