Annual International Seminar Directed by AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo Shihan Shoji SEKI (7 Dan)

Shoji SEKI shihan

The major annual event in the life of Koinobori Dojo, which gives its participants an opportunity of intensive training directed by a professional aikido master. The instructors and practitioners receive guidance and assignment for the whole next year. One of the major seminars in the life of aikidokas of Moscow and Russia. All those interested are invited to participate regardless of their organization, country or place of residence.

The seminar is conducted every year since 1996, the program includes 5-6 days with 2 classes per day. The participants, numbering over 200, arrive from about 25 organizations in over 19 Russian cities and towns. Aikidokas from Japan, Israel, Lithuania, France, America also take part in the seminar.

Participating cities:
Moscow, Domodedovo, Fryazino, Kaluga, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Obninsk, Puschino, Pushkino, Ryazan, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Stupino, Saransk, Tambov, Ufa, Krasnodar, Korolyov, Elektrogorsk, Rostov-on-Don, Vilnius (Lithuania) etc.

SEMINAR November 04-08, 2010 >>

place: Moscow

special guests from Japan: Mr. Machida Masamichi (4 Dan), Mr. Takenaka Ryo (4 Dan), Mr. Fukuzato Masaru (3 Dan), Mr. Mori Kenji (3 Dan), Mr. Kaneko Tatsuro (3 Dan).
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