Koinobori Dojo consistently engages in informational and educational activity in aikido. The Dojo has issued the following educational materials and manuals.

The World Of Aikido, 2004

A collection of reference materials on aikido (aikido history, Japanese, international and Russian aikido organizations, test rules, etc.), as well as selected translations of articles and interviews by famous aikido masters (published earlier in the Koinobori Dojo semiannual bulletin “Aikido” issued since 1999).

Educational Video “Aikido” – Part 1, 2006

The DVD contains information on aikido history, general description of classes, basic movements, and techniques for 5-4 Kyu. The techniques are demonstrated by Marina Karpova (5 Dan) and Vadim Grachov (5 Dan). The 2nd part of the DVD is being prepared for publication in 2010.

Aikido Dictionary, 2007

A brief glossary of aikido terms classified by topic, contains hieroglyphic notation for all terms, as well as illustrations which make it easier to memorize the unfamiliar words.

Besides, Koinobori Dojo has at various times prepared and issued the following materials: AAFR information booklet (upon request by AAFR), Koinobori Dojo information bulletin “Aikido”, History of Koinobori Dojo, etc.

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